"Meeting New Challenges
 in the New Century:
Achieving Common Prosperity
through Participation and Cooperation"



Consultancy Services

We offer comprehensive, export promotion assistance through a variety of programs and services. We can help you to identify potential business partners, obtain valuable market intelligence, and launch your company into the dynamic European marketplace.

We all know that a personal introduction by a trusted intermediary is the key to building a new relationship, especially a business relationship with someone from another country. HIBP Consultancy has been playing that critical business intermediary role for more than 17 years (since 1985). Now you can let us "break the ice" for you. HIBP Consultancy core service allows you to search for potential business partners, then we will arrange personal introductions and meetings with them.

See what the HIBP Consultancy has to offer and why you can look to us as your international business advisor and your partner in successful international business.

We provide consultancy services worldwide. Our current client list includes corporations from USA, Canada, Scotland, England, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Czech Republic, Poland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, South Korea, Japan and Australia.